Scandinavian Jewels

Handcrafted in Denmark

In Scandinavian we have a longlasting and proud tradition of craftsmanship. Our handcrafted jewellery goes all the way back to the ancient Vikings who brutally ruled the North whilst forging beautiful and carefully detailed jewellery. We, at Scandinavian Jewels, wish to honor that tradition which is why each and every one of our jewellery is made by hand.

best materials

Only the best materials are good enough for your next jewellery from Scandinavian Jewels. We wish to give you the very best overall experience, which we believe can only be done by using the most exceptional and beautiful gemstones and diamonds and solid 18K gold. We do not cut corners when it comes to quality.

Scandinavian winter

It is said that the Scandinavian winter heals your soul and gives you energy to live a long and happy life. Scandinavian Jewels are therefore not only inspired by the Northern weather: We also want you to feel it. Feel the energy, the coolness and the warmth in your soul when wearing your very own piece by Scandinavian Jewels.


Scandinavian Jewels offers the opportunity to let our customers be a part of our ‘family’. We strongly believe that making jewellery is not only meant for the goldsmiths and the designers. It is a process which requires passion and delicacy, which can only be provided by the customer him-/herself. So join us in the magical process. Be a part of the journey which lies within the creation of your next jewellery!

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